Referral and coordination agency for the Anchorage Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Diagnostic Team


Referrals come to the team coordinator from a variety of sources including the Office of Children’s Services, birth and adoptive parents, medical, mental health/residential treatment, social service providers, and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

We gather birth, developmental, growth, school/IEP, and if indicated mental health, residential treatment, and hospital admission/surgical and/or specialty medical care provider records for review. We welcome intake packets that may contain these records if the referring person happens to have it available.

To accept a referral we must have confirmed information about alcohol use during the pregnancy from a reliable source. The diagnostic process involves several steps. Once we accept a referral:

  • an intake packet needs to be completed by the family, social worker, or caregiver so that we have information about the child/client’s history and where to collect records. If you have access to birth, developmental, or other records we need, sharing them with us can help to speed things along.

  • The team diagnosis discussion meeting is usually scheduled about 90 days after the appointment process begins to allow the family and team members to get the four appointments completed and reports back to our agency.

  • We try to meet with the family and/or interested parties within two weeks after the team meeting.

The entire process may take up to 6 months depending on the age of the child/client, complexity of their medical or mental health history, difficulty obtaining records, and our referral volume.

Our priority is to provide service to the Greater Anchorage and Matanuska-Susitna area. Referrals from outside this geographic region will be considered on a case by case basis. Please call our office at 907/865-3279 for questions.

To make a referral please download and complete the Referral Form and send it to us by fax or mail.
Fax: (907) 865-7979
FASDx Services
405 E. Fireweed Lane, Suite 205
Anchorage AK 99503

Referral Criteria

  • Birth to 3 - for preliminary assessment
  • 3 to 18 - for full team assessment
  • We are unable to accept individuals over 18 at this time
Maternal Alcohol History
  • Documented alcohol history required
  • Will accept credible reporter/sources
  • Will accept on case by case basis if unknown. Examples:
    • a foreign-born adopted child
    • an individual with full facial features of FAS
Highest Priority for Evaluation
  • Ages 3-12
  • Lives in greater Anchorage area
  • Documented maternal alcohol history
Download Referral Form