Referral and coordination agency for the Anchorage Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) Diagnostic Team

Team Mission and Vision

The mission of the Anchorage FASD Diagnostic Team is to provide a quality diagnosis for individuals who have a history of prenatal alcohol exposure so that they have the opportunity for "FASD-informed" care.

Our vision is that, as a result of going through the diagnostic process, an individual can be helped to understand their strengths and challenges and can improve their life prospects when they receive the supports they may need.

In addition to providing FASD diagnoses, the team regularly provides educational and observational opportunities for health professional students and other learners who have a reason to be interested in FASD and the diagnostic process.

The team strongly believes that the more health and other professionals understand the manifestations of this disability, the better able they will be to recognize it as a possible factor contributing to an individuals' life challenges. We also know that treatment and intervention plans may need to be adjusted if an individual has a brain-based disorder like an FASD rather than a primarily behavioral challenge.

A diagnosis can be a "road map" of how an individuals' brain is working well and where they have a challenge. Once the areas are identified, they can be helped to "play to their strengths" and get help to support their areas of difficulty. A diagnosis can change the trajectory of someone's life when it is provided early in life and the person receives the supports they need to be successful.